Anyone can easily create an “E.A.P. sheet” that will be a compass for an emergency at sports sites.


What is EAP Sheet ?

Emergency situations may arise at anytime during athletic events. Expedient action must be taken in order to provide the best possible care to the athletes of emergency and/or life threatening conditions. The development and implementation of an emergency plan will help ensure that the best care will be provided. Athletic organizations have a duty to develop an emergency plan that may be implemented immediately when necessary and to provide appropriate standards of health care to all sports participants. As athletic injuries may occur at any time and during any activity, the sports medicine team must be prepared. This preparation involves the formulation of an emergency plan, proper coverage of events, maintenance of appropriate emergency equipment and supplies, utilization of appropriate emergency medical personnel, and continuing education in the area of emergency medicine. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry. You can develop that EAP Easily by Emergency Action Planner.

Main functions of Emergency Action Planner

  • Manage information of physical education facilities or venues
  • Create facility diagram and layout drawing
  • Select an output form that matches the scale of the competition or the event
  • Edit the format of output forms
  • Edit E.A.P sheet and output it as PDF
  • Manage the history of output information
  • Check facilities and create reports (optional)
  • Link with smartphone and tablet (optional)